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Ligature Tweezers - Swiss model

"The new ligature tweezers Swiss model of Carl Martin facilitates and accelerates the ligation of brackets with ligature rubbers. The delicately formed holding tip facilitates the ligation of rubber ligatures and works at brackets with very small gaps of bracket wings, too. The smooth-running lock enables fast working on the patient. Furthermore, the ligature tweezers facilitates the mounting of rubber chains and fitting 8-ligatures (CrissCross). In contrast to Mosquito or Mathieu clamps the rubber ligature is not squeezed (fracture point) but surrounded and consequently held tight by the holding tip. The narrow design of the instrument creates an almost unrestricted view of the working area and makes it easier to clip the ligature at the bracket wing."
Test report from Dr. Luca Casella
orthodontist in Lugano (CH)

- Easier, quicker way of working
- Unrestricted view of the working area
- Smooth closure
- No squeezing of the rubber ligature (break point)
- Can be sterilized up to 134°C
- small construction (saves space during sterilization)
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