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· with flexible titanium working part which returns always in the starting position (memory effect)

· for the separation of the Sharpey fibres

For a possibly gentle extraction of a tooth from the alveolus pocket, it is necessary to remove the periodontal ligament for the direct separation of the Sharpey fibres with a slim and cutting instrument (periotome).

It is not necessary to form a mucoperiosteal flap as it serves as the integrity of the alveolus and gingiva. By this an immediate implantation is possible as a rule. The PEN-similar and slightly serrated form of the handle enables a very safe handling of the instrument. The working part is inserted carefully in the gingiva sulcus down to the sulcus ground and is moved mainly from distal to mesial in a constant way whereby the Sharpey fibres are severed circularly.

Attention must be paid to the fact that the fingers (forefinger/thumb or forefinger/middle finger) of the other hand protect the surrounding soft tissue from injuries.

Therefore the new periotom TITANFLEX is especially appropriated.

The completely flexible and sharp working part that is made from a high quality material always returns to its starting position (memory effect). By this, the instrument can be used for the canines area, too. Otherwise this procedure is only possible by using another angled periotom.


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