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In cooperation with the renowned orthodontist Dr. Sachin Chhatwani, we can offer you an innovative bracket positioner with functional rod.
Developed for quick and precise horizontal and vertical alignment of the brackets, the Bracket Navigator by Dr. Chhatwani highly efficient work in everyday practice.
The functional rod embedded in the spatula part with a graduation in 1mm increments is used for precise distance control to the incisal surface. With the small sickle scaler on the other side, excess composite residue can be easily removed remove from the polymerization. This saves time and money in both direct and indirect bonding processes.

The article is available from us in two variants: For the brackets with slot .018" (OLS-9200-018) and .022" (OLS-9200-022) a bracket navigator including a suitable spatula part is offered.

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"Perfectly navigated - perfectly positioned"
Procedure for bracket positioning using the Bracket Navigator:

Applying the bracket with tweezers
Horizontal alignment of the bracket with the adapted spatula part*
Vertical alignment by checking the distance to the incisal surface of the tooth crown
Removal of composite residues with the scaler
Insertion of the orthodontic archwire

*Important: Here, alignment using the height and longitudinal axis is possible with just one instrument.

Precise correction in the event of damage or failure of a bracket
In addition to inserting complete multi-bracket appliances in the upper and lower jaw, the Bracket Navigator also proves to be a useful tool for repairing and replacing individual elements.
If treatment requires reattachment of a single bracket, use the functional rod to measure the bracket height on the contralateral side.
Then reattach the bracket according to the measured height. In this way you safely avoid asymmetries on both sides and get a clean result quickly and easily.
Working with the Bracket Navigator is also suitable for repairs after the use of digital indirect bonding technology.

Indirect bonding methods are considered an innovative alternative to the conventional direct method. With the help of a situation model of the patient prepared in advance, the brackets can be positioned on the model in the laboratory and fastened to the teeth more quickly when they are later inserted. In addition to the creation of the model, this method also requires the creation of a transfer rail, the tray. Although the bonding time to the patient is significantly shorter with this procedure, according to Dr. Chhatwani the direct bonding technique definitely has advantages over the indirect one. Considering the total effort, the time savings in the direct method are higher, and material and laboratory costs can also be saved. Regardless of the working method you choose, the Bracket Navigator allows you to place brackets both intraorally and indirectly. In addition, you can easily align brackets lingually, which makes the positioner a universal addition to your orthodontic instruments.

In cooperation with

Dr. Sachin Chhatwani, Kieferorthopäde
Senior Physician/Member of Faculty – University of Witten/Herdecke
Member of the FACE group
Editorial Board Journal of Aligner Orthodontics, Quintessence Publishing, London
Editorial board for orthodontics, Quintessenz Verlag, Berlin
Academy Practice and Science, Scientific Advisory Board
Study Group Member – Craniomandibular and Musculoskeletal Medicine

More accessories for your practice
In addition to bracket positioners, we have a large selection of accessories for your orthodontic practice**:

- Orthodontic forceps and tweezers
- Impression tray
- Mouth and photo mirrors
- Pliers for clear aligners
- Needle holder and much more.

Buy directly from the manufacturer - quality from a single source.
**All of our stainless steel instruments are easy to clean and sterilize.
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Hygiene and prevention - products from Carl Martin
Cleanliness is of the utmost importance in any dental and orthodontic practice and laboratory. We have put together a selection of products for you that protect you and your patients in everyday work. From tested and CE-certified masks (FFP3) with the highest protection class to conventional surgical masks and infrared thermometers to air purifiers and COVID quick tests. If you have any questions about Carl Martin's hygiene and prevention products, we would be happy to advise you.

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