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• Six different special pliers
• Easy handling
• Fast punching, elevation and deepening of the aligners
• Precise work
• high quality medical stainless steel
• Art.-No. OLS-1501, OLS-1502, OLS-1505, OLS-1506, OLS-1510, OLS-1520

Thanks to the easy handling and ergonomic design, precise work with our clear aligner pliers becomes routine.

The six different special pliers guarantee exact punching, elevation and deepening of the aligners.
Suitable for all conventional clear aligners.

Six different special pliers:

Art.: OLS-1501

Clear Aligner hole punch 6mm round

Hole punch for punching out crescent-shaped recesses in the area of brackets or buttons.
Also for removing protruding plastic edges to avoid injuries to the soft tissue.
Art.: OLS-1502

Clear Aligner punch teardrop shape

Special pliers for punching out a teardrop-shaped notch on the edge of the aligner. The teardrop shape enables elastic rubber bands to be securely attached - also for the patient.
Art.: OLS-1505

Clear Aligner horizontal pliers

Special pliers for creating horizontal indentations for individual root torque. Also allows to improve the retention of aligners or retainers.
Art.: OLS-1506

Clear Aligner vertical pliers

Special pliers for generating an overcorrection of a rotation. Furthermore, in-out discrepancies can be eliminated with the vertical pliers.
Art.: OLS-1510

Clear Aligner 1.5mm spot elevation pliers

Special pliers for creating point-like elevations in the aligner. Allows selective activation to increase the pressure on the individual teeth.
Art.: OLS-1520

Clear Aligner reverse pliers

Special pliers for inverting elevations in the aligner.
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