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• The revolution in processing
• Easy, fast, clean!
• residue-free processing (in correspondence with our QSA 313)
• vacuum-based coating - higher hardness
• high quality stainless steel
• Art.-No. 9020-EC (802/12-EC & 864/13-EC)

The basic material of the scissors consists of high quality stainless steel for medical purposes as usual.
The black coating is achieved by a so called PVD procedure (vacuum-based coating) that reaches a higher hardness.
As a result, the durability of the product is significantly increased.
In addition, the dark colour reduces disturbing light reflections of the surgery lighting at the patient’s chair.
The product is appropriated for all licensed disinfection and sterilization procedures (autoclave max. 134°C).
EASY CLEAN – the new definition for a perfect processing of your instruments.
Residues below the hinge can be removed completely now by our newly developed open2relock system.

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